WWW server at puma.uio.no

This is Jon Wikne's PC, puma.uio.no, a custom-made machine with two 2.8GHz Intel Xeon dual core CPUs, Asus PP-DLW CPU board, 5GB RAM, total 2.8TB disk (IDE and SATA), Tekram DC-395UW SCSI-controller, Teac CD-W512S SCSI CD-Recorder, NEC ND-3500A IDE DVD-RW (dual layer), Gainward GeForce FX5900XT 128MB video card, CPU board integrated sound (AD1185 chip) and 1000Mb/s network (Intel 82540EM chip), currently running CERN Scientific Linux SLC 5.7, with custom kernel

For public Web content, there really isn't much on this server. What is, is more or less outdated stuff, but might still be useful in some contexts:

That's all, folks. Those who came here for .mp3 files, pornography, warez and such, need not bother to look. There is no anonymous FTP, no NNTP-server, no relaying sendmail, no IRC. Those who hoped to nail me for providing things like that (oh yes, they have been around....) will be equally disappointed.

Last update 14-03-2013